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The Instance 500 Mug


Image of The Instance 500 Mug

Celebrate the 500th episode of The Instance by sipping your favorite beverage from this 14 ounce ceramic mug. The outer finish of the mug is a matte black with a silver logo while the inside is a high gloss silver.

Like our TMS 1000 mug, THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION MUG for the anniversary of the show. We will take orders until October 20 and all orders placed will ship October 27.


We agree, the cost for shipping stinks and we know it makes it tough for you to get this sweet 500th episode mug. We are constantly looking at new, more affordable options for shipping internationally but right now, this is the lowest price we can offer. We want to do something for those of you who do buy a mug for delivery outside of the US. We can't make it any cheaper but we CAN add a few more things without making it more expensive. All non-US orders of this mug will receive some bonus items-- a 4x6 print signed by Scott and an assortment of stickers. We appreciate your support for the show and hope this will ease the sting of international shipping a bit. :)