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The Morning Brew Coffee


Image of The Morning Brew Coffee
  • Image of The Morning Brew Coffee

Pour yourself a cup of The Morning Brew while you listen to Scott and Brian! A Honduran coffee, The Morning Brew beans are available in a 9 oz bag as well as a combo pack with a TMS Mug and a 9 oz bag.

From the roaster: This coffee comes from Honduras and is excellent as a drip coffee or prepared as espresso.

The welcoming aroma of the brewed cup gives off hints of malt and toasted hazelnut. As you sip it, you may notice subtle flavors of white pepper, creamy butter, and honey, though it's not overly sweet.

This is a very smooth and clean coffee with a light body. If you think of how milk feels in the mouth, this is closer to skim milk than heavy cream.

Prepared as an espresso, there is an initial hit of tartness followed by a sweeter honey flavor. Not too dark but can hold its own as a base for lattes or flavored drinks.